Nama Produk : Mining Buggy Whips
Kategori : Vehicle Safety

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Mining Buggy Whips

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28 June 2015
: 93007


A Solid Fiber Heavy Duty Whips 100% imported and manufactured with Mining Safety Standards
We supply the best quality with a better price

These whips are built for mining and industrial environments. They have proven to be the strongest and most dependable fiberglass whips available.

  • UV resistant materials
  • Gold electroplated heavy duty bases
  • Choice of 3 Hi-vis coloured flags
  • Base options include fixed, fixed spring, quick release or quick release spring
  • Off the shelf sizes range from 1m to 3,6m (Available in 3ft to 12ft heights)
  • 90° turn lock on quick release bases for added safety
  • Solid fibreglass rod
  • Custom building available
  • Manufactured in Australia