Nama Produk : Electronic Siren 100W (Sirine Mobil)
Kategori : Audible Alarm, Siren & Horns

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Electronic Siren 100W (Sirine Mobil)

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26 January 2013
: CJB-100SA


A superb quality for electronic siren equipment used for Ambulance, emergency vehicles and Police Patrol
Our patented design to fulfill this segmented consumer in audible safety equipment

With the new chip that produce a stable and high consistency of the CJB100SA is the right answer for your needs
Can be combined with any 100W high power speaker horn



Voltage: DC 12/24V
Output power: 100W (High Power)
Output Imp.: 8Ω
Amp. draw: 7.5A @ 12V   | 3.75A @ 24V
Frequency: 200Hz ~ 10 KHz (± 3dB <5%)